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Fiber Optic communication networks are now the standard for the distribution and collection of information in the world. At Electric Service of Clinton, we began working with Fiber Optics at the onset of this new technology and we have developed and perfected the skills to allow us to provide the best solutions for customers seeking to install or maintain a Fiber Optic Network. 

We have installed hundreds of miles of fiber cable, concrete and polymer vaults, splice enclosures and fusion splices, all delivered to the customer at optimal functionality. Whether consulting with designers or offering our clients in house solutions we are capable of providing a complete package for all your fiber optic network needs. 

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Single mode and muli mode fiber cable

  • OSP (conduit, vaults, arial)

  • Premise networks

  • Fiber optics terminations

  • Patch panel and cabinet installation

  • Network design

  • Break repair

  • Maintenance